Give Your Vision

A Voice.

Vimicreative - Our Process


Establish Goals

Setting goals is where the magic happens. Creating expectations and determining what you hope to get out of your marketing efforts, we can begin to bring your vision to life.


Develop Your Plan

We take time to analyze the current position of your brand. From here, we determine practical steps we can take to increase awareness, traffic, and appeal.


Define the KPIs

Never pay for something that you can't prove works. In order to give your brand the attention it deserves, we constantly monitor key metrics to insure the decisions we make are informed.

Free Marketing Audit

Analyze what you are doing and identify where you can improve

Brands Across the Country

Take a look at some of the brands Vimicreative is currently working with

SMCo Thrift

Helping nonprofits Do Thrift Better since 2012.

Providing millions of dollars in value to nonprofits every year.

Foster Thrift

Empowering youth and families for lifelong success.

KARM Stores

Restoring lives in Jesus' name. The thrift store with a mission.

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