Don't Blend in With the Crowd. Stand Out.

Give Your Vision A Voice.

VimiCreative is a digital design and marketing company based out of Knoxville, TN.  Although we’re in Knoxville, we work with organizations across the country.  Check out our work, and let’s grab a cup of coffee.


Consumers are more educated than ever due to the existence of the internet, social media, and television. Considering this, it's vital that you stand out. Let us help you make your brand one that will be remembered.

Easy to Use

We are firm believers that whatever we create needs to be easily used by everyone. Whether it is our client, or the customers of our clients, we strive to ensure the best user experience as possible.


The digital world is always changing, and we know this. Every project we work on, and every site we build is designed to be added upon. All of our clients have access to a custom dashboard that can be used to make updates to their site.

The Vimi Process

Whether we’re creating a social media campaign or we’re doing a one-time website build, we give the same attention and love to every task.

Brain Storming

Content Creation

Project Execution

Review & Finalize


We love what we do, but more importantly we love why we do what we do. We’re not your standard marketing agency, we’re a team of creatives who simply love to work with people. We take our time and treat our clients like humans instead of a checklist. Let us help tell your story.